Hi! I'm Dani, and this is me and my fiancé, Dom.

We met in 2015, just before I started nursing school, and are getting married in April.

When we started planning our wedding I found the whole thing a little overwhelming. Even though I was loving every second, balancing planning such a huge event with my day job as a NICU nurse was, at times, a little stressful. I needed something to take a load off me with the organisation and make my life easier!

That's when I came up with the idea for a wedding website. I'd built a website before for the NICU, so I used the skills I developed with that and got to work. It became a much bigger project than I was expecting, but wow it paid off!

I now want to help other brides realise that they don't need to spend hours trying to organise their guests...let me do it for you with a custom made wedding website.

Love, Dani x