Choose Your Website

Below are the 3 packages that we offer, so please take a look to see which suits your needs best! Once you've chosen your package, feel free to check out our Little Extras that can take your website to the next level!

The Something New


With The Something New plan you can make sure that your guests have all the information that they need, presented through your own stylish and personalised website.

  • 5 website pages​​

    • Welcome page

    • Our story

    • Wedding details

    • Directions & interactive map

    • RSVP

  • Website compatible with both desktop and mobile

  • Digital RSVPs for both day and evening guests connected to your emails

  • Website personalised with your photos and text

  • One draft website viewing before confirming the finalised version

*Please note - there are no extra domain charges for this plan, however there is an advertisement banner from the domain hosts*

The Something Borrowed


Upgrade to an added level of professionalism! You get The Something New plan with these must-have extras:

  • Unlimited bandwith for your website - perfect for lots of visitors!

  • Remove adverts from your website

  • Domain name for 1 year (e.g.

  • Link your wedding registry to your website

  • A slideshow of photos of the happy couple embedded on a page of your choosing

  • A further page detailing your full menu options

*Please note - there will be an initial charge from the domain hosts of £104 for the year*

The Something Blue


The Something Blue package is the best of the best! A bride's best friend, this plan contains everything from our other two plans in addition to the amazing additions below. If you want a website that can do everything wedding, this is the one for you.

  • Create your own personalised wedding registry, such as monetary donations or honeymoon experiences.

  • A secure payment system embedded in the website which deposits the money straight into your bank account.

  • Menu options on the RSVP form, allowing choices for your guests

*Please note - there will be an initial charge from the domain hosts of £150 for the year*

The Little Extras

Any additional changes after the website has been finalised will be charged at £25 per change.

These packages last for 1 year from the viewing of the first draft. If your wedding were to be postponed to outside of the year bracket then there would be a fee of £150 for The Something Borrowed and £200 for The Something Blue to continue the services due to the server charges.

  • Additional pages - £10 each

  • Embedded video - £15

  • RSVP menu choices - £5

  • Embedded photo slideshow - £15